Our Story

We are students of Andhra University who started this website to help the students of all colleges to Sell, Buy, Donate or Exchange their books and stationary from their place with their peers.

When we were pursuing our engineering we had faced a great problem of getting our academic books. Most of the books are used to be of high cost and some books and stationary were not available in our area to purchase.

The next step we took is to look for some of our seniors who wish to donate or sell their books to us. Even then we have faced a problem of not being able to find the right person who is having that particular book or who is willing to sell.

From there we got this idea of building a classified website where any student can post their book-ad for free and sell his book at his desired cost, and any student can go through the listings and find a perfect seller and bargain a perfect price in his college or in his surroundings.


Enhancing this idea we took one more step ahed and added options of Exchanging, Donating so as to help the poor students who are not able to afford for their academic books and for those who wish to exchange a novel with another which he/she have not read before.